Finding Companies with Growth Potential

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[layfwttsj8rc3t06]   Any smart investor knows that the early bird always gets the worm. Of any stock class, penny stocks have the greatest potential to deliver the highest returns.  There's no easy recipe for best penny stocks investing returns but  buying a successful international company when it first goes public just for pennies per share is usually a good place to start. If one held on to these shares, their percentage returns are likely in the four digits. The … [Read more...]

What Exactly are Penny Stocks?

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The definition of a penny stock is a stock that is priced below $5. These stocks tend to be issued by emerging companies looking for funds to finance their growth plans. When investing in penny stocks, the investor must be able to differentiate between the stocks of emerging companies and stocks of former high-flying companies that have fallen from grace. To boost the likelihood of generating good returns from penny stock investing, the investor should focus on the former. A young public … [Read more...]

Finding Up and Coming Stocks

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For the investor seeking good returns, they want to recognize early the top hot penny stock to picks to watch and sometimes trade . These are stocks of companies that are rapidly growing sales and profits. When these companies start positing strong quarterly results, there tends to be a lag time when investors begin to realize these companies’ good fortunes. Acute investors who are aware of these companies’ potential long-term profit growth will invest into these stocks. They are positioning … [Read more...]

Investment Basics the Key to Success


The successful investor always adheres to the investment basics. Being a profitable investor is about being disciplined and maintaining a level headed approach. Here are some of the investment basics to keep in mind: • Know how much you are willing to lose: Before establishing a stock position, you should know how much you are willing to lose on a stock trade. If the stock investment does not perform as hoped, get out of the losing position to minimize losses. A successful equity investor is … [Read more...]